Kali Orexi!

Kali Orexi is the Greek phrase for Bon Apetit! Literally, it translates to good appetite, and bringing a good appetite to the Greek Festival New Orleans is its own reward. Choose from a wide selection of authentic Greek cuisine, all handmade in our kitchen, guaranteed to satisfy your Kali Orexi! Scroll down to see the wide assortment available this year.


LambGyro Sandwich — Delicious gyro meat with tzatziki sauce, served on warm pita bread.

The Rotisserie — Take the Festival home with you to savor and share! Slow roasted Spring Lamb (sold by the pound) will be cooking all weekend long.

Souvlaki — Choose from pork or chicken souvlaki served on pita or lamb sausage on pita!

Goatburgers Hamburgers, the Greek way! Get yours at The Greek Grill!

Traditional Greek Dinner — We'll be serving our traditional Greek dinner all three days of the festival. Includes tiropita, spanakopita, pastitsio, meatballs, and a Greek salad with dolma (stuffed grape leaves). As always, vegetarian plates are available upon request. Served with spanakopita, tiropita, and two rice-stuffed dolmades.

Side Dishes

LilGreekSaladCalamari — Lightly battered fried Calamari, toppped with feta and a squeeze of lemon.

Feta Fries — Greek style fried potatoes prepared with a special blend of Greek spices and covered in feta cheese, served up hot at the Calamari booth!

Greek Salad — Start your dinner off with a homemade Greek Salad, complete with Feta Cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, special greens, and our Greek vinaigrette dressing. Comes with rice stuffed dolmades.


BaklavaSundaeBaklava Sundae — A masterpeice of dessert indulgence: delicious Baklava crowned with soft-serve yogurt, nuts, and a cherry. A Greek Festival New Orleans Original!

Loukoumades — Hard to say but wonderful to eat, our "lou-coo-ma-days" are the Greek version of beignets --lightly fried golden brown, drenched in honey, and dusted with cinnamon. Perfect with a traditional coffee or Frappé, our iced Greek coffee. Also try a delicious Yogurt, Honey, and Walnut dessert, new this year!

The Pastry Shoppe — Over twenty traditional homemade Greek pastries, including baklava, galaktobouriko, kourambiedes, cakes, and cookies.

The Pastry Shoppe Express — Stock up on decadence with our Pastry Express service. Choose from large and small Variety Boxes, or large and small Baklava Boxes.

Yogurt with Honey and WalnutsThis traditional Greek dessert is cool, refreshing, and delicious! Give it a try at the Loukoumades Cafe.


BeverageA meal wouldn't be complete without something delicious to drink, and our wide assortment of beverages are sure to please. Begin your appetizer with a smooth Ouzo apéritif, then choose from Abita Beer on Tap or Imported Wines for the main course. Finish up with Greek Coffee or a Frappé, our iced Greek coffee, for dessert. Other selections include Bottled Water, Soft Drinks, Snowballs, and Daiquiris.

Back Again This Year! — Try our delicious Pomegranate Iced Tea, Snowball, and Daiquiri Drinks — long a Greek symbol of abundance and good luck, the pomegranate makes its debut at our festival in three refreshing drinks. Visit the Loukoumades Café or Athenian Playground for an Iced Tea, the Athenian Playground for the pomegranate snowball, and the Daiquiri Booth for your frozen pomegranate libation!



Greek Festival New Orleans is presented by Holy Trinity Cathedral

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